Sunday, 15 November 2015

नमता मन, रमता मन

मन नम है
मोह न मना
पास सवेरा संग है
काली रात का जना

टूटी हुई मनकी
दिखे बिखरे हुए तन सी
जानकर कुछ जानी 
तो कुछ अनजान ही सी

जो बिखरे 
वो बन तो जाये
पर चंद माथे की लकीरों सी 
दाग छोड़ जाये

हर मनके सा रमता मन
मन नम है
मोह न मना
पास सवेरा संग है
काली रात का जना

Saturday, 15 August 2015



Every one is so happy, 
Its our Independence Day Celebration.
                 Few are celebrating it by singing patriotic songs, hosting flags and socializing, greeting each other. Few are celebrating by wearing the small flag, and few will celebrate later collecting them tomorrow from the ground.
                Yeah this is the day where we try hard to remember the forgotten Heroes of our country, whom we have seen just in images, heard about them from family friends, may be few have their grand pa's participated in Freedom fighting. They have done so much for the country that they gave up their lives for our freedom, for US, For the LOVE.
                Hats off to them, I wonder from where they had so much courage, so much fearlessness, So much Love and Value for the country.
                But I often ask, are we really even worthy of celebrating them, do we posses single bit of value and love which they had it and can feel the pride with the same strength, as they have gone through when they were laughing at the face of death, Just for the country?
                Hats off guys I am Happy but evenly sad about the hypocrisy in us, that we can just make your monuments, we will put loads and loads of flower on it, turn the lamp on, every year and stand silently moaning for your sacrifices for few moments, followed by our "राष्ट्रगान " some "बूंदी के लड्ड़ु " and over.... Yes it is over, that's what we have been doing ... Everyone will do it, yeah we are coming from the place where IDOLS are much stronger than IDEALS, We just want to own the country like we own our religion, family, children, parents, parent's property and even Gods, so why not country. No matter what we do for it. We are born in this land, why we need to prove our worthiness to it? No matter there is still Poverty, pain and misery, Inequality, Cast ism and Corruption. 
                 Speaking of corruption, everyone will agree that corruption is bad but when it comes to doing something about it, then we are indifferent. Why? because we are weak, we need some money and power to sustain the family better, so " थोड़ा बहुत  ऊपर नीचे हुआ तो क्या ? चलता है यार " and we expect our leaders to be non-corrupt and can gossip for hours about our country and their deeds. And give ज्ञान on  Ideal! yeah Ideal.. Make all Ideals Idol and worship them, since we are all weak and pathetic and we all need to worship, vote or run after some BABAs or Priests for their blessings. And since we are weak, we have license to do a bit of corruption, a bit of lie, small bit of family violence, bit of Eve tease, Discrimination and Male dominance is our birthright. Its all OK we are not saints and Gurus we are just common man ,weak man who needs strong leaders. We just want to "Celebrate Independence". "स्वाधीनता " स्व-अधीनता (Really:D)!! Yeah yeah who cares we will celebrate.
                 That's all we can do. Yeah if something wrong happens particularly to our family, to us or our closed ones, then surely everyone can see what courage we have, what strength we have and can also see to what extent Love can go .... but why use our strengths,
 "हमारा काम यह थोड़ी न है की हम गटर साफ़ करें, गन्दा काम कौन करेगा ?" हम वोट किस लिए देते हैं? हम एक ज़िम्मेदार नागरिक हैं, हम टैक्स भरतें हैं और हम अकेले क्यों करें ?..... It is easier to fight and blame outsiders then to fight within. 
                So all the Freedom fighters, महा पुरुष , all Great men of the history its a sad news that we can only worship you and sorry to say we don't have so much strength as you had which made your suffering a joy. We don't have enough Love to give us courage, all we have is this, a praying and begging hands from the Huge Monuments of you, which we have built with so much pride. 
So what ? we don't have values!!
But we can build Big Monuments, own it as our property, have faith on it and then get back to our daily routines. What else is needed except the blessings......Simple na.,,So.........
                 Have some fun yaar, don't be so serious.....
               अरे थोड़ा सा हमने भी कर लिया तो क्या बड़ी बात है?
               आदमी जीता किसके लिए है?
               सब ठीक है यार जुगाड़ हो जायेगा टेंशन मत ले ....

Sure we are "स्वाधीन" स्व अधीन या "सिर्फ स्वयं के लिए"
Independent We are !!!
Happy Independence day

Friday, 14 August 2015

 Its just to consume and to be consumed by it

Feelings with this Music Video

David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I still walk every night, at one point with two minds
......Its all the same, All the very same.....
Same day another lane or Same lane another day
Again and again 

But Naked Truth encompassing every details
  silently leads me home in the morning


Saturday, 28 February 2015

Life consumes Life

 TWICE           I Long ...*...TWICE          I DIE
         TO VICE       It Becomes 
    Bloop it loops up in the dualist cycle 
eventually creating Infinite cycles of Life and Death

Growth feeds on rotting filth, the slimy jelly like lifeforms
creates complex structure of whole gross world
 Being filth ignored by the civilization works silently towards its goal 
unseen , untouched and undisturbed.
Untill it departs its life to give breath to and being consumed by huge Tree like structures somewhere shadowing, somewhere keeping the warmth intact,
Gives shelter to many habitats 
Like dull emotions growing its branches and cooling down to reveal just nourish warmth underneath which will eventually bloom happiness

Some Chirps, Some Mooos, Some Clicks So many sounds of joy 
It will live almost eternally as long as it is not consumed by its own Ego 
and consumes itself in retaining its own identity,
 and all the mark on its trunk, its branches tells the story of its lifetime, growing towards its death becoming Dry lifeless trunk , now place for many Nocturnal creatures with big scary but beautiful eyes, some hangs upside down 
They are outcasts, too hard to fit inside the so called perfect world, so they take shelter where they don't get disturbed while they sleep during the day.

Far away from civilized sophisticated, well organized Egos 
where Ego consumes Ego and yet Creates more of them,
and Creating whole clan of race to rule called Human species,
Highly intellectual, Highly civilized, victim of their own intellect always on the move for more the dissatisfied race, where more is always less.
They say they rule the world!!!

Don't know whether they rule or consume themselves