Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Distorting Dualities

                Truth morphed as lies,,.... manipulated.........., manifested... in to reality as amazingly beautiful LIES ....which has its charm in its own delusion, Unlike hard hitting TRUTH harsh and very raw giving nothing but all reality, denies all fantasies of intelectual imaginations.
             Beautiful LIES....? Does it exist? which looks beautiful as distortion but do not have its own existence. No matter how much we manipulate it still remains a Lie. Its distorted figure always dances before my mind but Heart remains aloof in pain, desires nothing but to know the real .. The Real .. the Truth.
          Everything dances before my eyes distorting manifesting in many beatitudes... but I don't know why I still remain aloof searching everything in silence like The Silence is saying everything to me....

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ideals or Idols

                                               Sometimes we are so busy making ideals in our lives that we forget to practice it. The Ideals remains dead just as concept if its not practiced.
                                                                        If it is kept only as concept for a longer period of time without practicing it in our lives, then it loses its power of being real or becoming real. This may end up in some temple where ideal takes the form of Idol, eventually  worshiped and becoming a wish granting machine.
                                         That is the Great power of Ideals lost somewhere in Idol and we start following it as a Noun which would have been a verb in our lives. But poor thing remains as an Idol burdened with so much expectations of our prayers.

           The journey from Idea to Ideal and finally it ends as Idol. Lets reverse engineer a bit. 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Contemplating on Karma today

                 Our karma is attached to us, Sure it depends on us. But why we get attached to our Karma and try to get its fruits in favor of us?
Though One Karma under different circumstances brings different outcomes. It tells that the fruits will always come forth, . . but mixed with the situation it becomes unpredictable.
                 But After all these thoughts one thing is for sure that Past Karma conditions our mind to make the Future Karma be more fruitful and in our favor, which makes our karma influenced by past and future both. This leads to contamination of our thoughts conditioned by our ability. And this impurity keeps us always away from truth.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blue Chase

       Translate what your mind say......
 Its a Blue chase for a girl wearing Blue band chasing Blue Truck
May be stuck ....or want to be stuck with her dreams, seems like Blue is the colour of her life now. I don't know  whether her curiosity will reward her or not at the end.....

 Ya but I know one thing for sure that she is going to enjoy the journey :)

Friday, 27 April 2012


Alive All alive... Curious about Life
What is coming next no one knows... living in our own dream
Trying to see reality more closely but still don't want loose the Dream ...clench it so tight that I don't see anything but just a dream as a reality

Which  is illusion among them? 
Is it this Dream, the Reality or Me.... I am clueless but still feel its not forever just a phase which fades in time and I will also see in time .... the dream which inspires me to live this reality and know myself more.... will full fills its purpose some day