Sunday, 19 August 2012

Ideals or Idols

                                               Sometimes we are so busy making ideals in our lives that we forget to practice it. The Ideals remains dead just as concept if its not practiced.
                                                                        If it is kept only as concept for a longer period of time without practicing it in our lives, then it loses its power of being real or becoming real. This may end up in some temple where ideal takes the form of Idol, eventually  worshiped and becoming a wish granting machine.
                                         That is the Great power of Ideals lost somewhere in Idol and we start following it as a Noun which would have been a verb in our lives. But poor thing remains as an Idol burdened with so much expectations of our prayers.

           The journey from Idea to Ideal and finally it ends as Idol. Lets reverse engineer a bit.