Saturday, 28 February 2015

Life consumes Life

 TWICE           I Long ...*...TWICE          I DIE
         TO VICE       It Becomes 
    Bloop it loops up in the dualist cycle 
eventually creating Infinite cycles of Life and Death

Growth feeds on rotting filth, the slimy jelly like lifeforms
creates complex structure of whole gross world
 Being filth ignored by the civilization works silently towards its goal 
unseen , untouched and undisturbed.
Untill it departs its life to give breath to and being consumed by huge Tree like structures somewhere shadowing, somewhere keeping the warmth intact,
Gives shelter to many habitats 
Like dull emotions growing its branches and cooling down to reveal just nourish warmth underneath which will eventually bloom happiness

Some Chirps, Some Mooos, Some Clicks So many sounds of joy 
It will live almost eternally as long as it is not consumed by its own Ego 
and consumes itself in retaining its own identity,
 and all the mark on its trunk, its branches tells the story of its lifetime, growing towards its death becoming Dry lifeless trunk , now place for many Nocturnal creatures with big scary but beautiful eyes, some hangs upside down 
They are outcasts, too hard to fit inside the so called perfect world, so they take shelter where they don't get disturbed while they sleep during the day.

Far away from civilized sophisticated, well organized Egos 
where Ego consumes Ego and yet Creates more of them,
and Creating whole clan of race to rule called Human species,
Highly intellectual, Highly civilized, victim of their own intellect always on the move for more the dissatisfied race, where more is always less.
They say they rule the world!!!

Don't know whether they rule or consume themselves